Bamboo Short Crew Socks

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Ribbed ankle socks with a visible BA logo on the side and the Bamboo logo on sole.

Bamboo fibre is a logical choice for socks as it has excellent strength, shape stability, washability, is colourfast, shrink fast and exceptionally comfortable against the skin.

Bamboo fibre is:
* Naturally bacteria inhibiting
* Particularly absorbent and breathable
* Grown and manufactured without the use of harsh insecticides, serious pollutants or land degradation.

Bamboo Short Crew socks are available in three sizes:
Mens 4-6 / Womens 6-8
Mens 6-10 / Womens 8-11
Mens 10-14

To enhance their quality for sport they consist of 28% Coolmax fibre, which is a superior wicking fibre, 64% bamboo and 8% elastine.

This will maintain its anti-odour capacity, be quicker to dry and also transport moisture away from the skin to keep your feet dry and cool.

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